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Friday, 06 August, 2021

Personal Loans

Personal loans are the most common type of loan that many people require. These loans are designed to provide you with full flexibility on repayments terms as well as on interest rates that are charged. With a personal loan you are generally able to borrow a much higher amount compared to a payday loan or a short term loan as the repayment period is usually much longer, giving you time to comfortably repay over an extended time. A typical repayment period for this type of loan would be anywhere from 6 to 36 months, or longer.

Personal loans are a great way to raise extra money for non-emergency related purposes such as renovating your home, paying for a wedding, or a car, or even paying for a holiday. Most people generally apply for personal loans through their own bank, however, in most cases this option is usually much more complex and could take far longer to obtain an approval.

Application Process

We make it extremely easy for you to secure the funds you need in the shortest period of time. Unlike the major banks, we allow you to apply for a loan in the comfort of your home, all online through our website. With us you can apply for an amount of up to R250,000 quickly and easily.

By doing just a simple 5 minute application will allow you to reach all lenders on our panel who will instantly review your details and make you a loan offer, if successful. You could get a lending decision in just a few minutes, or in slightly more complex cases, you could get a decision in just a few short days. Some lenders may require paperwork from you such as copies of your identity documents, salary slips from your employer, or copies of your latest bank statements to prove your income. Once fully approved, you would be required to sign your loan agreement documentation before funds are released. Funds are paid directly to you by the lender, allowing you to make immediate use of your loan.