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Sunday, 21 April, 2024

Fast & Instant Cash Loans

When an unforeseen emergency occurs and you’re short of cash, applying through a lender or loan broker who is able to offer fast loans is your best solution. Hoopla Loans help thousands of people every month to obtain the cash they need in a very short period of time and they can also help you too. Most lenders on our panel are able to offer instant cash loans for any emergency situation. You can apply for a loan through our website at any time of the day or night for a fast lending decision.

Unlike most major banks and other traditional type lenders, our systems and procedures are specifically designed and built to help you apply quickly and easily online to get fast loans. The moment you submit your application through our website, our systems instantly validate and distribute your loan request to a panel of lenders who are able to offer instant cash loans. We understand how important it is for our customer’s to get their funds as quickly as possible and so we always work hard to ensure we manage the entire application and payment process as best we can to guarantee you get the fastest pay-out possible.

Quick Process

Securing a fast loan through us is easy as the entire application process could take only just a few minutes, and if you’re approved, your loan would be instantly paid into your bank account. This means that your application would be done completely online, making it very quick and easy for you to get your loan approved and paid out.

How Much Can I Borrow?

We are able to assist with loans from R100 up to R250,000 and depending on the amount you borrow, some Direct Lenders on our panel would not require any paperwork from you in order to review and approve your loan. If you borrow a low amount, your repayment period would typically be shorter compared to borrowing larger amounts that would have a longer repayment period. Emergency loans, or fast loans should ideally be used for only when absolutely necessary, and should be repaid back to the Direct Lender over a short period, typically from 3 up to 6 months.