Personal Loan Management 101: 3 Tips You Need to Know

November 19, 2020
Personal Loan Management

Personal loan: This form of financial assistance has been regarded as the saving grace for any tight situation, pressing need, or growing problem for most South Africans.

From birthday house loans and medical emergencies to car repairs, personal loans have become the primary solution to any situation that calls for money. At this point, you’ve probably taken out a loan several times because of how easy it is to get one today.

With all this talk about loans and how easy they are to get (especially with online applications), there’s one factor that isn’t as easy: Managing a personal loan. 

The problem with personal loan management

Although modern systems have made it much easier to take out a loan without running into any hang-ups or delays, they don’t always account for the vital process of management.

Proper management practices may not seem like much at first, but the reality is that their absence in most borrowers’ minds has paved the way for worsened credit scores and additional stress. Unfortunately, this same mistake has snowballed into a vicious cycle of debt-borrow-more debt that continues to cost hundreds of thousands of South Africans billions in unnecessary costs annually.

If you’ve been taking out several loans for a while now, you’re most likely familiar with the challenge that it requires in terms of proper management. However, it’s also important to note that you can’t take these challenges lightly or find a “shortcut” because you may end up ruining your credit score and missing your payment if you aren’t careful. 

A few tips to consider

While it may seem like proper personal loan management presents itself as a complicated matter, the truth is that they can be achieved and enforced by brushing up on all the right tips. If you find yourself needing a quick and easy financial solution that will cover your necessities but have no idea as to how you can manage it, here are a few tips that will help:

Tip #1: Make it a priority to pay your loan on time

Paying a loan on time can be easier said than done because of how quickly your monthly financial obligations pile up. However, this is a practice that needs to be followed for effective management. By making it a priority to pay your personal loan on time, you can avoid late fees and penalties that will ruin your credit score, especially if you pay ahead of time with your local lending institution!

Tip #2: Create a budget to supplement your personal loans

A common recipe for disaster that many South Africans inadvertently set themselves up for due to carelessness is that they don’t supplement their borrowing activities with a set budget. Learning to craft a budget that you can stick with as you carry out your repayments will help bring in a certain level of rationality and set limits to prevent you from going overboard! 

Tip #3: Pay above your loan’s set minimum

Apart from paying ahead of a deadline, another effective personal loan management tip that should never be overlooked is paying above the minimum. Aside from ensuring that the repayment period is shortened as much as possible, paying more than your loan’s set minimum will bump up your credit score and shorten the road to financial independence! 


Taking out a personal loan and paying it off is a process that needs to be coupled with effective management practices, such as the three points discussed above. With the help of the right tips and tricks in mind, you can ensure that you won’t have to experience any unwanted problems with your borrowing process or run into the risk of messing your credit score up ever again! 

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