3 Easy Ways to Build a Strong Credit Score – Our Guide

February 04, 2021
Long-Term Loan Management

Many people think they can hide their financial blunders from the public eye, but every monetary decision you make will impact your record in significant ways down the line. Your...

Dealing With Bad Credit: How Can You Get a Loan?

February 04, 2021
bad credit

For years, hundreds of thousands of South Africans have been affected by poor credit scores that severely affect their daily lives. With even the smallest of deductions causing sharp increases...

When Is Taking Out a Personal Loan Going to Be Helpful?

January 28, 2021
Personal Loan

The best-case scenario for all of us is that we would never be in a position wherein we'd need to look into fast online loans in South Africa. Unfortunately, life...

Taking Out a Loan? Here’s How Much a Personal Loan Will Cost You

January 28, 2021
taking out loan

So, you are planning to take out a loan. Whether you will use it for emergency or other reasons, do you know how much a loan will cost you? Let’s...

An Essential Guide to Credit Scores for South Africans

January 28, 2021
Bad Credit

For any South African, it’s common knowledge that credit scores play an integral role in one’s routine because of how applicable it is to nearly every part of one’s life....

Tried-And-Tested Ways You Can Improve Your Credit Score

January 28, 2021
Improve Your Credit Score

At certain points in our lives, we end up having to rely on credit. Credit is a system where a provider or company lends you money with the expectation that...

How to Be Financially Secure While Keeping a Good Credit Rating

January 21, 2021
credit score

It’s normal for working professionals to experience financial difficulties at one point in their lives, mostly if they have a lot happening on their plate that they need to address....

What to Know When Applying for a Payday Loan in South Africa

January 21, 2021
payday loan

Today, the payday loan industry remains one of South Africa’s most thriving industries because of how widespread borrowing has become across the country. Amid COVID-19 and the risk of retrenchments...

How Credit Scores in South Africa Are Affected By Credit Limits

January 21, 2021
credit score

People are often wondering how to build a credit record in South Africa, as the terms are sometimes not clearly defined. Some known ways are taking on loans and paying...

Everything You Need to Know About Payday Loans: A Guide

January 21, 2021
approved loans

Several individuals are hesitant about taking out payday loans due to their past experiences with loaning. However, if you reach out to reputable lenders that provide payday loans within the...