How to Get a Loan with Bad Credit Score – Our Guide

September 18, 2019


If you’re new to the concept of paying loans, you’ve probably been told that you’ll learn everything you need to know along the way. However, while there are many things about getting a loan that is learned over time, it is essential to understand how you can get a loan even with bad credit.

Keep in mind is that your credit score will be determined by the analysis, recordings, and findings of three main credit rating bureaus. If you mess up with at least one of these credit score “judges,” then your credit will be affected as a consequence. 


The basics of applying for a loan with bad credit

While you may be acquainted with the quick, easygoing types of online loans, it is different when it comes to making a program for financing. Typically, the financing program submission process involves a step wherein a reputable lender will have to run a few checks on your credit ratings before even considering doing anything else with what you turn in. When trying to score a loan with a bad score, the most ideal and practical thing to do beforehand is to make sure that you carry out these two important tasks:

  • Ensure that your credit report is free of errors, as lenders are immensely detail-oriented and will use the report to gauge your risk level as a borrower.
  • Try to improve your credit score as much as possible to increase your chances of getting a proper loan with the best terms possible.


What should you expect when you apply for a loan with bad credit?

Typically, most people with subpar or terrible credit scores can avail of a certain type of loan called “primary type loans.” Often, primary type loans can be found all over the market, ranging in different types and forms, such as education loans, housing loans, automobile loans, and even travel loans! 

To understand how you can get a decent loan with poor credit, it’s essential to know what to expect during the application and approval process. Here are a few things to remember:

1. You are putting yourself at the creditor’s mercy

When it comes to applying for a loan with poor credit, keep in mind that once you hand over your application to a creditor, you’re at their mercy. To play the odds in your favour, seek the help of a non-conventional creditor who has been rated by other consumers as a professional that offers great assistance regardless of an applicant’s charge. 


2. Reading the fine print is crucial

Due to loans being both a legal and financial matter, all applications involve signing a contract that may be hard to understand. While it may seem intimidating to see a loan contract that has many paragraphs with different shapes and sizes, make sure that you read the fine print to protect yourself when it comes to payment. 


3. Expect to be offered a high-interest rate

A reality that you’ll have to come to terms with when getting a loan with poor credit is that you’ll be putting yourself at risk of paying much more interest than you would have to with a better score. While it may seem unfair to most people, a loan application is still done within the domain of a lender, which means that they control the rates. The best way to avoid being ripped off with excessive interest rates is to shop around and compare rates between different lenders or service providers who are willing to work with your situation. 

Applying for a loan with a less-than-optimal credit score may pose a bit of a challenge, but having the right knowledge can help you in navigating the process properly without losing money. To learn more about which loan is perfect for you, contact Hoopla Loans today for a consultation. 

If you’re in South Africa and want to take out a personal loan at affordable rates, feel free to contact Hoopla Loans today to see what we can do for you!