How Does a No Credit Check Loan Work?

May 04, 2019
no credit check loan

People from across the world are considering short-term loans for a variety of reasons. The truth is, these types of loans are popular because many of them don’t require you to get a credit check. 

But, what does a no credit check loan entail? And, are they the best option for you? Find out more in this article.

What Is a No Credit Check Loan?

As the name suggests, a no credit check loan is a loan where the lender doesn’t perform a credit check. Because the lender doesn’t dig deeper into your past and current finances, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re going to receive the loan. 

However, these types of loans aren’t for everyone. No credit check loans are best for people who need a small amount of money quickly. For example, you could apply for a no credit check loan to pay for:

  • A medical emergency
  • Auto repairs
  • An unexpected bill or fine

You may also want to take out a loan to help a loved one in need. 

The Reason for Credit Checks

Lenders conduct credit checks to ensure that you’re able to repay the loan that you’re taking out. These credit checks help lenders decide whether or not you’re a worthy candidate for the loan. 

The higher your credit score, the lower the risk you are. Some of the reasons you may have a low credit score include:

  • Missed bill payments
  • Too short a credit history
  • Applications for new credit
  • Unpaid debts

There are various ways you can improve your credit score. However, this does take time. In these cases a no credit check loan may be your best option. 

How Does a No Credit Check Loan Work?

While a credit check is a normal part of the loan approval process, no credit check loans work differently. Some lenders offer no credit check loans based on the use of the loan and the amount that you need to borrow.

For a no credit check loan, you will have to complete a short application form asking you for some personal information. Your application will then go to multiple lenders.

These lenders will review and score your application. From there, they’ll be able to tell you whether or not they accept your application. This is also when they’ll tell you what rates you will have to pay on your loan.

Once you accept the terms of the loan, the lender will deposit the money in your account. Because the lender doesn’t have to run a credit check with different bureaus, you will receive the money far quicker.  

Don’t Forget About the Risks

A no credit check loan does come with its own set of risks. These loans normally have higher interest rates and stricter terms. With this in mind, make sure that you read all of the small print before signing on the dotted line. 

Despite these risks, no credit check loans are also a great alternative if you need a small amount of money quickly. 

If you believe this is the best option for you, contact Hoopla Loans today. We have a small group of lenders that are happy to offer no credit check loans to our clients.