Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Side Hustle

January 14, 2021
side hustle

Now more than ever, a huge number of South African families find themselves facing financial stress. Budgeting can be more problematic than ever. In order to cope, it is key to support each other and come together.

At that point, your monthly income will likely not be enough for you to get where you’d like to be. This is probably the best time to consider getting a side hustle, with the funding coming from an instant loan. There are several businesses that won’t take much more than taking out one of the easy payday loans in South Africa. 

Take a look at your favourite hobbies, especially the ones you’re particularly good at. That’s your key starting point for any side hustle. Hair, makeup, painting, photography, playing an instrumentno matter what it is, put those to use in the best light.

Here are some key side hustles that you can jumpstart with payday loans online in South Africa.

Drive for Lyft, Uber or Similar Apps

One of the most popular platforms across the globe is Uber. If you have a car of your own and you have the time, sign up as a driver. Having your own car allows you incredible flexibility, including choosing and picking when you’ll be driving passengers around. If you have a day job that’s the usual 9 to 5, you can earn extra funds by driving around in the evening. For people that don’t have their own car, some ride-sharing companies offer partner-driver options which let you drive someone else’s car and earn nonetheless.

Food-Related Businesses

If you’re able to cook good meals in a matter of minutes, or if you have a brownie or cookie recipe that’s become a family favourite, why not turn it into a business? Sell brownies, cookies or even pies to your family, friends, and colleagues. Get yourself a food truck or enter into a partnership. 

Freelance Work

Another incredible opportunity to earn extra funds is through freelance work. This is a great option for people with data-capturing skills, graphic design skills, social media skills or anything else that can be done at home with a computer. Look into platforms such as Freelancer and list your services there.

House-Sitting or Pet-Sitting

While looking after the homes or pets of people while they’re away seems more like a high school student’s pocket money job, the earnings can add up. Most people actually prefer entrusting their home and/or their pets to someone they already know quite well. See if any of your family, friends, or colleagues are in need of your services. They will be far more inclined to hire you, after all, instead of a person they’ve either never met or barely know. Afterwards, if all goes well, you can ask for either a recommendation or referral. That’s how you’ll be able to get your business going.


Sometimes, even if we have a day job, the funds we’re making just aren’t enough. That’s where having a side hustle comes in handy. There are a number of side hustles that can be done at any skill level, and there’s a number of convenient loans in order to get things jumpstarted.

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